The Story

Every hundred years, the magic mirror chooses a hero to champion the next fairy tale—the tale the world needs most. Minerva, the Fairy Queen, must assign a Fairy Godmother to the quest. On the eve of a new century, Glinda, Tinkerbell and the Blue Fairy buzz with anticipation over which of them shall be named Centennial Godmother. They prepare to greet the century’s hero while mocking Hazel, a misfit Fairy Godmother with unstable magic abilities.

All appears perfect when Prince Copernicus arrives and announces his quest: to save his true love from a dragon-guarded tower. Thrills turn to confusion, however, when he reveals his true love happens to be another prince. Certain a two-prince fairy tale will destroy centuries of tradition, Minerva assigns Copernicus the worst Fairy Godmother available: Hazel. Yet Hazel turns out to be a better Godmother than expected, and Minerva begins taking darker measures to stop the prince. Though she sets out only to help Copernicus, Hazel soon discovers her own quest, her own worth, and a way to transform her own destiny.

The Journey


-After two years of development at UCLA, The Next Fairy Tale has a successful production at the Celebration Theater in Los Angeles.  The show plays to full houses and is extended for its longest possible run.


The Next Fairy Tale goes through several developmental programs. Songs are rewritten, characters are cut, and story changes are made.


The Next Fairy Tale is a participating show in the first cycle of THEatre ACCELERATOR with Apples and Oranges Arts.  The show undergoes significant changes and continues its development with Apples and Oranges after the program ends.  After many rewrites and table reads in collaboration with their team, the show has a workshop and staged reading at the Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando.


The Next Fairy Tale has two more workshop readings in California: one at CSUF in January, and one at UCI in July.  Final changes are made in preparation for the next production.  We are exploring possible venues, expanding our team, and looking forward to putting this show in front of a large audience.

The Author

Brian Adam Davis


Brian Adam Davis is a New York-based composer, lyricist, playwright and performer. He is the author of the play Dictionary Love, the musicals No Reservations and The Next Fairy Tale, and songs featured in Ooogy Green and Other Fables (Geffen Playhouse), A Christmas Carol (Celebration Theater) and William Finn’s Ridiculously Talented Composers and Lyricists concert (Barrington Stage). Favorite performance credits include Harold and Maude (Pacific Resident Theater) and the world premiere of Treefall (Rogue Machine). He holds a B.A. in Theater from UCLA.

The Producers

Through the convergence of creativity and technology, and armed with years of professional production experience, Apples and Oranges Arts shatters the forgone myth of “starving artist” by providing education, infrastructure and tools that link the artist and audience.